What is Bohemian?

What is Bohemian?

Some of you are asking what is bohemian? So I have put together this little blog for you to understand more.
To start with I’m going to give you a list of words I found related to Bohemian, from these words you will really get a sense of vibe or image of what and who Bohemian is !

Artistic, Off beat, Eccentric, Arty-Farty, Unconventional, Nonconformist, Free spirit, Freak, Gypsy, Hippy, Wanderer, Musician, Spiritual, Wild, Radical, Colourful.

The Urban Dictionary says that Bohemian is ‘somebody who leads an alternative lifestyle, they are not hippies because they can have an extremly wide range of different tastes in music, fashion, art, literature etc they are usually very creative people. they are above all optimists’ another post on urban dictionary said ‘ someone who trys to live by the deals of truth freedom, love and all those beautiful sounding concepts’

Bohemian Inspired Fashion

Bohemian style, often referred to as “boho” or “boho chic” is a style of dressing that was popularized during the 1960s and 1970s though it is possible to trace the roots back further. The essence of bohemian is focusing on free and flowy fabrics.
This little overview is to just give you an idea but I will put together a whole blog on bohemian fashion as it is such a broad and diverse topic.

Bohemian Inspired Weddings

Well who doesn’t love the bohemian style and flare. There is so much you can do for your wedding to give it that little extra free spirited vibe. I will show you a few images I have found but yet again I will have to do a whole blog on this subject as there are so many different ways of incorporating this style in to your wedding, either it be a small intricate bit of detail or the whole wedding.

bohemian inspired décor

I love bohemian inspired décor, I’m currently in the process of buying an apartment and I am so so so excited to decorate, there are a few people I follow on Instagram and they are always positive amazing rooms filled with Boho love an vibes.
I’m hoping when I move in I can take you on the bohemian décor journey from where to buy to making your own bohemian items. I have selected a few picture from the many that I love. Which will fill you with inspiration.
I have always felt so inspired by Bohemian people and Bohemian culture!! I love the free and wild feel that comes with every picture, event, fashion item or object. It doesnt matter who you are, where you from, or what you wear, just be you with your own style and have a postiive vibe and postitve regard for other people and you are there !!74cb0a593390b4d8502eae0337163f3c

p.s by june this year i want dreadlocks!!!