Occupations and Massage #1

#1 kitchen workers
So last night I started doing research in to different occupations and how they have effects on the body, physically and mentally. I think its important for me to have an overall knowledge of what effect a client’s occupation may be having on them. Of course, I know it won’t be the same for everyone but certain things from sitting all day or standing all day will be the same, of which physically will have a impacted on the body.
The first occupation I looked in to was, chef or kitchen staff/ assistance. I looked in to this first as for the past four years I have been working in a kitchen, and It gives me a good understanding already to compare my research too.
So here are some of the effects working in a kitchen can have and again I’m not saying it’s the same for everyone but gives me a vague Idea of what they might need working on during a massage.

Emotional Effects
• High in stress (could lead to anxiety/depression)
• Tiredness
• Mentally draining
• Isolated
Physical Effects
• High Blood pressure (leading from stress or pressure in the kitchen)
• Aching feet
• Back pains from lifting big pots (strains and sprains)
• Lower back pain from standing all day
• Arthritis can occur
• Hallux rigidus
• Various veins (from standing all day)
Lifestyle Effects
• Isolation due to sleep pattern
• Bad eating habits
• Broken seep pattern
This is just a few of the effects that may occur whilst working in a bustling kitchen. Again, it won’t be the same for everyone as different shift patterns, types of kitchen, and their own individual responsibilities.
Why would they/ you benefit from a regular Massage?
• Relieve tension on the back neck and shoulders
• Help support the blood flow around the body helping release any toxins, this could also prevent various veins in the future
• Helps relieve stress/ anxiety/ depression, by helping release all the happy hormones in the body endorphin, dopamine and serotonin
• Increases the possibility of a good night sleep
• Can help relieve chefs foot by stretching out the foots muscles and bones
Well I hope you have learnt a little about the affects this occupation can have on your body and why a regular massage will help. Keep a look out for more blogs on massage benefits.
Your body is the only place you all ways have to live, take care of it.

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