How much water do you drink ?

So I’m going to kick start my blogs with where I am at!!


Its very hot here in England right now, it has been for the past few weeks which is amazing as we don’t get this lucky very often. The other day when at work I was feeling really sleepy also when driving and when getting home feeling quite lethargic. I can usually handle the heat quite well, so it got me thinking why am I so tired.

Then It clicked; How much water have I drank today? 1 pint, How many cups of coffee have I drank ? 3 mugs full, How many Captain Morgans? 2 cans

This doesn’t really look good as the recommended daily intake of water is at least 2 litres for woman and 2.5 litres of water a day for a man. These recommendations are based of water alone or any drink with no sugar or calorie intake. Alcohol is a diuretic so consequently dehydrates you unless you drink water to top up the fluid that is lost.ย  You have to remember that the hotter the weather and the more you are doing will also depend on how much more water you will need to intake.

If you do not have enough water you will become dehydrated ! symptoms of dehydration :

Dark yellow or brown urine
Dry, sticky mouth
Few or no tears when crying
Increased thirst
Muscle tiredness
Sleepiness or tiredness

After doing this research I have decided to try my hardest to drink the recommended water intake. I will do this for a week and do a follow up blog on how I am feeling and if my tiredness has improved.

hydrating reads!





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